Bunion Surgery – 1 Week Follow Up


One week in and I feel great… Saw my foot for the first time post op and it was amazing.. Never thought I would see the day my foot would look somewhat… normal… as if “NORMAL” actually exists…lolz

So I got the surgery for health reasons, but ALSO for cosemetic reasons, but im leaning more on the health side. Buying new shoes every 6 months because they become uncomfortable or get bent out of shape (literally) is a RELIEF…

Would I do it again? YES, if I had my same doctor, Dr. W and the same results as I had for this surgery. He is a God sent and I have basically no pain what-so-ever; well that’s partially true. The only pain I truly experienced was slight throbbing the first couple of days, then my heel was pressing up against the partially hard cast, but that has since been resolved. My first post-op appointment was Tuesday, August 17th and they added extra padding to prevent that from happening again.

So here are some pics (and video) to keep you abreast of what all happened 🙂

Side shot of foot… it actually looks worst than what it was…

Another view (these 2 pics were right after surgery)

X-rays at first post-operation appt. The left side was before, the right side is after surgery.

My foot… I love it…

Thanks for tuning in!


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